What Clients Say

“Steve has been an essential asset to our board and executive team, creating an agile financial model that allows us to test our best-case and worst-case assumptions for the business, and make informed capital allocation decisions. Running the business without his work would be like flying an airplane in bad weather with no instruments. I can’t recommend his work more highly.”

Aaron Klein, CEO and Founder, Riskalyze, Inc.


“Using Steve Ricketts Consulting’s agile planning and modeling and the Alight software as our presentation tool, ClipperCreek, Inc. was able to secure $1.5 million in traditional credit financing when the company was doing slightly less than $4 million in Revenues. We are now well beyond that and know the real-world value of driver-based planning.”

Jason France, Founder and President, ClipperCreek, Inc.


“The Alight software and your leadership with the agile, driver-based planning placed our strategic decision-making at a whole new level. Love the real-time strategic planning.”

Dennis King, CEO and Founder, Comvergics Systems


“I am a very experienced computer programmer, and that is really powerful software. We were amazed by the difference in the productivity of the Alight agile planning software versus our previous experience with Excel. It was like moving from the typewriter era to the word processor. Thanks Steve for your introduction and help.”

Peter Oliver, President and Founder, Fortis Telecom


“Thanks Steve! Our new experience with agile, driver-based planning and the Alight Inc. software has changed our approach when it comes to financial model building, budgeting, planning and management reporting. You not only have helped us look more professional to the outside world, but also have become my personal “bellwether” for decision-making.” 

Ed Stockton, CEO and Founder, Hydrogen Technologies, Inc.