Plan Smarter

Escape Excel Hell

More than 70%, possibly as high as 80%, of companies use Excel as their principal interface for budgets and forecasting. Many of these companies are in “Excel Hell”, a continuing state of inefficiency and disruption related to using Excel for collaborative planning.

The spreadsheet symptoms of Excel Hell are broken formulas, consolidations that choke, multi-revisions, workbooks and templates, fragile links and wrong numbers. The organizational symptoms are inefficiency, frustration and decisions based on bad information.

Replace Inefficient and Non-Productive Budget Cycles

The typical budget cycle looks something like this:

Budget → PowerPoint → “Where did that number come from?” “Why did that number change?” → Budget → PowerPoint → more questions??

(We are talking days, weeks or months).

With a good agile, driver-based planning model – the software is the presentation.

We provide:

  • Real-time management involvement in operational issues and financial impacts.
  • Near-term decision-making, action oriented – more focus, less politics.
  • Real time collaboration and consensus. Response time in seconds.
  • Event and activity driven – relevant and timely detail.
  • Analytics including variance and relative change analysis (causal analysis).