What details are most important to potential investors?

Many CEO’s and entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of the financial model when it comes to investor prospects and the Executive Summary or Business Plan. They, generally, get caught up in their enthusiasm and “story telling” and disconnect from the reality of what is really happening.

Sophisticated investors are looking for superior management, proprietary, scaleable products and/or services that play into a large potential market segment, and the “story” and “conservative projections” are front-end and momentary in the due-diligence process.

The cornerstone of the Executive Summary/Business Plan, if done correctly, is the financial model. It is the key to sniffing out superior management and to determining scaleable products/services playing into a large potential market segment. That is the real essence of an agile, driver-based planning model – credibility, confidence and reality, leading to real insights, actionable knowledge and successful management decisions.

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