Who can benefit most from evolving to agile, driver-based planning?

Here are some of my immediate thoughts:

  • Companies currently using Excel for budgeting and planning.
  • Companies still tied to static budgeting processes.
  • Companies ready to establish or improve a long-term strategic planning process.
  • Companies looking for real-time strategic planning and decision-making.
  • CEO’s or CFO’s playing active hands-on role and focused on forward positioning in market and competitive environment.
  • Leadership open to new strategies and technology to stay competitive.
  • Companies with knowledgeable financial personnel – especially w/ modeling expertise.
  • Growth and early-stage companies in need of planning.
  • Companies in need of raising equity or debt capital.
  • Companies seeking to establish a strategic partnership, merger or acquisition.
  • Companies seeking an exit or valuation for any reason.
  • Companies in need of project planning.
  • Companies with a need to establish or improve cash flow planning.
  • Companies with little or no financial acumen.

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