Comprehensive Reporting

We offer a full array of management reports, both within the software and for export to other spreadsheets or databases. We support budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting as well as project and strategic planning reports. The software also provides full flexibility for long-range and short-term reporting for all types of planning, including analyzing market and product strategies; allocating resources; raising capital; customer/project plans; setting prices; capacity management; and any other needed analysis..

Custom Dashboards

We deliver a powerful set of capabilities for constructing charts and graphs with dashboards. For example, the software we prefer can implement up to 20 dashboards, and each dashboard may have as many as 8 charts. We are able to select from 5 different chart types, including 3D versions of each, to display any key data or metrics for management reporting, special board presentations or any other financing, investment or operational needs of the company.