Model Configuration

Object-Based Linking

The software incorporates object based linking (data relationships based on the names of other line items or totals, e.g., Commissions, Net Sales, etc.) vs. cell formulas.

Custom Dimensions

We support custom dimensions, e.g., product, customer, channel, region, project, job type, grade level, etc. – provide flexibility required for driver-based planning. We incorporate a multi-dimensional data structure with capabilities for “slicing and dicing” data and creating profitability analyses across multiple dimensions.

Import & Integrate Actuals

Agile software allows for importing (integrating) actuals data from any outside database, financial or operational, at any level of detail and easy structuring and modeling of actuals data once it’s in the plan file. It facilitates modeling of actuals with algorithms and linking separate from plan data and as an activity driver for rolling forecasts.