Scenario Analysis

Scenario (“what if”) analysis allows structure, data, line item, etc., changes across specific and/or multiple scenarios at one time. Robust scenario analysis is the most critical underpinning of continuous planning.

Scenarios provide

  • Actionable knowledge.
  • Analysis and comparisons for evaluating best courses of action.
  • Action-focused deliverables for real-time decision-making.
  • Ability to understand what’s behind the numbers (i.e., the most critical assumptions, volume and rate impacts, and especially what’s driving material changes to the P&L and cash flow).
  • Timely planning with fast, real time updates and tight feedback loops.
  • Ability to add, modify, delete line items across selected scenarios in a single operation.
  • Robust comparison at the line item level – in depth comparisons of scenarios and differences in values at any level of detail.
  • Variances in underlying unit activity drivers and rates.